Remembering Malthus

Is greed driving the world today? Can it continue for ever?

Time to batten the hatches and prepare for the gathering storm! What if human population could be similarly sucked out or re-injected into the system through some mechanism? What would be the impact on economies? Or the environment? Perhaps, those branded ‘eccentric’ by the mainstream do articulate some uncomfortable truths. I can recall Britain’s Prince Philip remarking on one occasion that the world’s biggest problem today was excessive population. This Malthusian construct is considered conclusively debunked by today’s dominant ideologues, but will human ingenuity really manage to pull ourselves out of the economic disaster we are living through or avert the environmental disaster we are heading for? Will a Malthusian reality be accompanied by or ultimately lead to Gandhian village economies as the only realistic model in difficult times, at least for a while, till greed puts us back on the eternal boom-bust cycle?


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